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Carly Willeford DNP,MS,FNP,RN,BSN, BSW
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    • ABOUT ME!  
    • I have over 3 decades serving the Health Care Industry.  
    • I am a mother of six incredibly wonderful kids. I have home schooled all of my children from K-12 with the oldest two currently in Medical School! 
    • I believe the joy of education and life-long learning is the answer to cultural disagreements. Love is taught in the safety of the home and radiates out into the world. 
    • I specialize in public ministry and education regarding the health benefits of proper nutrition, recognition of environmental and dietary toxic burden, detoxification cellular pathways, and the therapeutic use of nutritional supplementation. I am a nutritional expert with over 20 years of clinical experience teaching in schools, church groups, seminars and patients.
    • I am a motivational speaker and teacher on chronic diseases and health issues such as addictions, substance abuse, depression and psychiatric disorders, chronic diseases, and her passion degenerative neurological disease.  
    • I am a sought-after healthcare consultant with the preventative teaching expertise that is too often missing in the medical arena. 
    •  I am a leader in community with a vision and commitment to see healthy transformation in the family, church, and especially in the healthcare systems.  
    • I began my Counseling career in the Mental Health Field after obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work (BSW) from Mansfield University, located in Mansfield PA and I specialized my Doctoral training and degree in the area of Psychiatric-Mental Health at the University of South Carolina. 
    • I attended The Catholic University of America, located in Washington D.C., and obtained a nursing degree. I went on to specialize in the Neuro Trauma ICU. 
    • I integrated my counseling skills into the nursing profession as a trauma & critical care nurse helping families cope with tragedy and loss. 
    • I eventually left a decade in bedside care of the critically ill patient to pursue the Family Nurse Practitioner advanced training. During her years as a Critical Care Specialist, she began to appreciate the dynamic Creation process of the human body with its innate ability to heal. 
    •  I attend the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and obtained a Master’s of Science & the Family Nurse Practitioner Degree along with National Board Certification (FNP). The FNP is trained, licensed and board certified to provide medical care, promote health, and treat disease in patients from childhood through old age. The FNP is licensed to order diagnostic labs/test, diagnose, treat and prescribe medications for a wide range of diseases.
    • I obtained my Doctorate Degree from the University of South Carolina.  The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is an advanced-level practice, terminal degree that focuses on the clinical aspects of the nurse practitioner. DNP's plan and implement their practice with individuals and populations. The goal of this professional is to integrate the spiritual, biological, social, psychological and cultural factors that influence human responses to health and illness.
    • The DNP Practice is to optimize the health care delivery through planned change. The changing demands of our nations complex healthcare environment requires the highest level of scientific knowledge and practice expertise to assure quality patient outcomes. 
    • I have a passion and the expertise to incorporate advanced biochemical testing of metabolism and diet, exercise, environment, toxic burden and therapeutic use of medications and nutritional supplementation.  
    • I am currently completing post-doctorate work at Asbury Theological Seminary and was awarded by counsel vote and nomination by my local church into the UMC clergy ordination upon completion. It was with a heavy heart I chose to not accept the opportunity of ordination at this time into the UMC. My passion is teaching the Creation Process of the physical body, mind and soul. 
    • I am passionate about research in areas of faith, spirituality, public theology and healthcare. I love to promotes community activities related to religion, spirituality, and health as it relates to improving communities and the growth of biblical knowledge. 
    • My future goals include taking my ministry national using platforms such as tele-medicine and Christian Broadcasting media to teach the Creation Process of Healing and to bring critical research translated into strategies individuals can use to heal themselves physically, mentally and spiritually.  



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