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Revive Nutrition for Life
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Hi! I thought it appropriate to tell you a bit about myself, who I am and why I now practice what I preach and love every minute of it! For the sake of time this is the short version. As we work together we'll learn more about one another and how the Revive Nutrition for Life's philosophy will change your view of "nutrition" forever, not just for several months!

I am a New York City gal turned Southerner who has been on a journey to find permanent wellness for myself, family and friends while taking some detours along the way.

My mother will tell you that I was born to be a nutrition coach! Even as a kid I thought I knew more than doctors. Instead of taking the prescribed medication for "Reynaud's Syndrome"(a circulatory condition) I'd do my research and rely on herbs and supplements to relieve my symptoms. My friends will tell you that I have always drummed to a different beat (garlic cures everything) I knew that someday the quirky side of me would take advantage of this stored knowledge and put it to good use assisting others with their health and wellness.

It wasn't until my father became a heart transplant recipient and my daughter was diagnosed with insulin resistance at too early an age that I finally decided it was time to take the bull by the horns and decided to learn as much as possible to prevent any further family illness.

For decades my mother listened to me talk about the healing power of foods and alternative therapies with friends and family. I credit her with pressing me to return to school to complete a Masters Degree in Holistic Nutrition. As a single, professional mom the task seemed daunting. However, three and a half years later I am thrilled to be in the realm I have always felt most comfortable; assisting individuals to revive their health, revive their energy and revive their lives!

I followed my dream, had the "Ah Ha" moment, left corporate America behind and now assisting others to become empowered to take back their health and bring positive changes to their lives.

If you have suffered from digestive issues, difficulty losing weight, poor sleep habits, peri-menopausal symptoms or are just regularly tired you don't need to accept feeling badly! We will work together via a personalized nutrition plan that will give you the results you deserve! Our goal is to create total hormonal balance and live a full and healthy life! I look forward to partnering with you very soon, digging our heels in, and getting you to your personal health destination. It's a journey, so let's get started today!

Your Partner in Health and Wellness!     Leslie

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